This is an area that my girlfriend and I have been passionate about and experimented with for the last several years, we’ve read dozens of books and websites, we’ve seen every video out there I’ll bet.  We’ve come up with a list of favorites crazy sex positions that we absolutely love, that feels fantastic for us consistently, and we’ve also found that many, many other couples also find these positions to be their favorites.  These are the positions that feel the best for both involved, that are most likely to get her to orgasm and possibly even squirt, and I hope you’ll enjoy as much of the following freaky-deakiness as we have :D

1. The absolute best is the first: The Jockey

I love this one.  I love it, love it, love it.  Why? To be brutally honest: because nothing gets her vagina wrapped around your penis like this one, it practically feels like it’s massaging the underside of your dick, I can’t tell you how good this feels (and her butt’s a nifty sort of cushion that you push up against).  Plus, it’s just as fantastic for her, this is both our favorite position, and I’ve found many other couples have found the same thing.  The reason it feels so good for her is that the penis is forcefully pushing down on, massaging, the front inner wall of the vagina right where the g-spot it is, it makes for toe-curling orgasms for all involved and sometimes squirting for the girl.

2. The Rodeo aka Reverse Cowgirl

This one is special because I’ve found an interesting phenomenon that I share with a lot of other guys out there: it takes a lot longer for me to cum with the girl on top (if it happens at all) than it does any other way, and I’ve found that to be particularly the case with this specific position: if you have trouble lasting or you just want to go and go and go for 45 minutes or an hour straight, this is your position.  Oh, did I mention that it feels very similar to the Jockey position from above? Cause it does, it feels awesome. Mind you, when you do this, the girl needs to sort of slide forwards and backwards more than up an down, it works better and she won’t get tired anywhere near as quickly.

3. Ben Dover

Fantastic way to take her from behind and it really lets you penetrate deep because of the way her vagina is angled towards you.  Best for a quickie because she’s probably not going to be able to stay in that position for too long.

4. The Downstroke

Fantastic way to really get some penetration and just pound away on her as hard as you want, plus her legs are squeezed together which makes it feel better for both.

5. The Drill

This is the one to use if you’ve got a lot of stamina and she really likes getting pounded hard over and over again, some girls can have orgasm after orgasm this way.   Lots of fun if you’re fit enough to do it long enough.

6. Braced Standing Doggy Style

This is, in my opinion, the best way to have a quickie: she just hikes up her skirt or drops her pants, bends over, and grabs whatever’s in front of her: kitchen counter, table, chair, desk, wall, whatever, then he just jumps and humps her from behind like a horny Rottweiler on a bitch in heat, baby!

7. Eve’s Ectasy

This is my favorite way to go down on a girl for two reasons, one of which is related to the first:

1. I love the idea of a girl sitting on my face, that is so unbelievably fucking hot.

2. Normally, the problem with #1 above is that too much of her weight ends up on your face and it’s very uncomfortable and difficult to get her to balance just right so this isn’t a problem, but with this position that problem’s solved because she’s standing–just be prepared for her legs to go weak when she cums ;)

8. Folded Deck Chair

This is my favorite prone position where you’re facing each other, you’re pinning her legs up so it’s a very dominant position for the man (most women like that) and you can actually pin her arms at the same time too by grabbing her wrists after you’ve got her legs up like that, and her legs are together which makes it feel better.  Just get in position and pound away.

9. Spoons: Probably my second favorite

This one feels almost as good as The Jockey to me and her, plus it’s very intimate for some reason and I find that it’s particularly well suited to either the second or third time of the night right before going to sleep as it’s generally a bit slow and gentle, or to be used when you both wake up in the middle of the night and want to have a little quickie and go back to sleep (it’s excellent for this because both of you, especially her, have to move the least to get into position, plus it doesn’t take much effort, especially on her part).  I highly recommend biting her neck while you do this if she likes that sort of thing ;)

10. The Viennese Oyster

This is an even more extreme version of The Folded Deck Chair from above, you’ve really got her pinned down for a good drilling now!  You can’t really see it from the picture, but she’s actually got her ankles crossed behind her head so it does require a good bit of flexibility on the girl’s part (get a gymnast?).

11. The Prison Guard

Similar to Ben Dover but instead of her having her arms on the floor, you’ve got ahold of them behind her back and are pulling her back into you hard as you ram her from behind.

12. The Mirror of Pleasure

I personally like this one because it really gets her legs, and especially her thighs, squeezed tight together and it just feels and looks fantastic, so hot, plus it usually makes her feel your penis even better than normal because it’s squeezing her vagina onto it from the sides.

13. The Lotus

This definitely is the most intimate position and one that we don’t use too often, but there are times when it’s just so appropriate that absolutely nothing else can beat it: it’s slow, loving, tender, and very, very intimate.  The time has to be right, and you definitely need plenty of time with this one since it usually lasts (and you want it to) a long time, but when it’s done at the right moment it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

HOW to use these positions to achieve G-spot orgasms and squirting

Having good sex isn’t just about positions, in fact it’s not even mostly about positions–they’re just one of many factors that makes sex good, mediocre, or terrible. There are many other things that have to be done correctly for mind-blowing orgasms to take place for both partners, which is what we really want, now isn’t it?

One of the things that both men and women want during sex is for the woman to experience a g-spot orgasm, especially if it results in her squirting (which all women are capable of). Let’s learn where the g-spot is and how to basically stimulate it with our fingers, and then we’ll talk about how to stimulate it with the man’s penis during sex using some of the positions above so that the woman can actually have a g-spot orgasm during intercourse (and there might even be a bit of squirting involved as well!).

How to find and stimulate the g-spot

Here’s a short (4 minute) video that does an excellent job of explaining where the g-spot is and how to stimulate it with simple graphics, have a look at this first:

Now, figuring out how to hit the g-spot during sex is very simple with what you already know, imagine that the man’s penis is the finger you see there–which positions do you think would best stimulate the woman’s g-spot? And now you know why ‘The Jockey’ is my, and many many other couples’, all-time favorite position, don’t you ;)

Whatever the position is, it needs to result in the penis pushing as hard as possible up against that spot on the front of the woman’s vagina about 3 inches in–in my opinion, The Jockey does this better than any other one, although The Downstroke and The Mirror of Pleasure also qualify on this basis (go look at them and imagine where the penis is pushing against the vagina). I’ll even give away a little secret: there’s also an excellent modified standing position that works very well in this regard where the man takes the woman from behind, she stands up as straight as possible (usually with the man grabbing both boobs from behind and pulling her tight against his body) that looks something like The Bodyguard:

There’s also another position I’ve found that works quite well called The Launchpad, though I think this could be improved by using something (such as a couple of pillows) to prop up the woman’s behind so she doesn’t have to be held there like that:


Squirting is something that’s much more complicated and relies on a number of other factors that all depend on the correct technique and the couple having properly prepared, it’s honestly something that deserves its own book or an hour long instructional video or something–in other words, something I can’t put here. So what I’m going to do is send you over to a friend of mine who did precisely that, he literally wrote the book on how to consistently give women squirting g-spot orgasms. I’ve known him and his girlfriend for a couple of years now, and based on the conversations I’ve had with her and the turnaround I saw in their relationship after they got back from Europe (you’ll see, there’s a whole story here, haha), he is absolutely the real deal. Go check out his site called Hit the G-Spot to Rock Her Body, he’s got a ton of information there about how his technique works and what you’ll learn, I’ve used it myself with great success with my own girlfriend and I highly recommend it.