Having good sex isn’t just about crazy sex positions, in fact it’s not even mostly about positions–they’re just one of many factors that makes sex good, mediocre, or terrible. There are many other things that have to be done correctly for mind-blowing orgasms to take place for both partners, which is what we really want, now isn’t it?

One of the things that both men and women want during sex is for the woman to experience a g-spot orgasm, especially if it results in her squirting (which all women are capable of). Let’s learn where the g-spot is and how to basically stimulate it with our fingers, and then we’ll talk about how to stimulate it with the man’s penis during sex using some of the positions above so that the woman can actually have a g-spot orgasm during intercourse (and there might even be a bit of squirting involved as well!).

How to find and stimulate the g-spot

Here’s a short (1 minute) video that does an excellent job of explaining where the g-spot is and how to stimulate it with simple graphics, have a look at this first:

Now, figuring out how to hit the g-spot during sex is very simple with what you already know, imagine that the man’s penis is the finger you see there–which positions do you think would best stimulate the woman’s g-spot? And now you know why ‘The Jockey’ is my, and many many other couples’, all-time favorite position, don’t you ;)

Whatever the position is, it needs to result in the penis pushing as hard as possible up against that spot on the front of the woman’s vagina about 3 inches in–in my opinion, The Jockey does this better than any other one, although The Downstroke and The Mirror of Pleasure also qualify on this basis (go look at them and imagine where the penis is pushing against the vagina). I’ll even give away a little secret: there’s also an excellent modified standing position that works very well in this regard where the man takes the woman from behind, she stands up as straight as possible (usually with the man grabbing both boobs from behind and pulling her tight against his body) that looks something like The Bodyguard:

There’s also another position I’ve found that works quite well called The Launchpad, though I think this could be improved by using something (such as a couple of pillows) to prop up the woman’s behind so she doesn’t have to be held there like that:

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